John 14:6 T-Shirt

Here is a t-shirt I am offering for Free 'if you will wear it'!

tee Most understandably, people would ask, “why not John 3:16”? This blessed scripture is widely used and commonly known. Even the unbelieving can quote it word for word. It is the greatest scripture in God’s Word, no doubt.

However in today’s society, myths are being created that there are many ways into to God’s kingdom. “For God would not allow only one way to enter in, so we do not need Jesus, there are other ways". In essence, this belief nullifies John 3:16. We see more and more fallen-away churches, bibles, and believers who down play the deity of God’s Son. It is the cross of Jesus that is our bridge into His kingdom.

This is why I chose John 14:6.

Adult sizes medium, large, and x-large.

The t-shirt is Free, but send $5.95 for the shipping and handling.