KJV Audio Bible on 2 CDs

Friends, I hope you enjoy listening to this audio version of the King James Bible. If you would like to have a copy for studying or your own listening pleasure at home, at work, while exercising, or while driving in the car, I will ship 2 CDs with the complete KJV Audio Bible in mp3 format for your computer, iPod, or mp3 player. The mp3 format may not play on standard home or auto CD players. The KJV Audio Bible is FREE; please send $4.95 to defray shipping and handling costs.

As you have heard, this audio bible narration is voice only and is read at a slower pace making it easier to understand and more enjoyable. Included is the entire Old and New Testaments in text format (HTML) for reading the bible. Plus, the KJV Audio Bible CDs can be legally copied (for non-commercial purposes) and given to family and friends. What a wonderful gift of giving God’s Word to others. The CDs have individual mp3 files for each chapter of the Bible with menu files for Windows Media Player.

Benefits of an Audio Bible:
  • It increases your faith - So then faith cometh by hearing - Romans 10:17

  • An audio Bible helps your to put on the full armor of God - Ephesians 6:11;

  • Children love listening to the familiar Bible stories of people and events;

  • Learn how to pronounce the difficult names of people and places;

  • Hearing the Bible will inspire more vividly the imagery of the Scriptures;

  • Listening to the audio bible helps you to learn as you carry out your daily life.

  • Whenever you're feeling low, an audio Bible is there as a companion.

Of all our human senses, hearing is the best channel to go straight to the heart and that is why listening to the King James Audio Bible is a great way to apply the words of God in your life.

Translation Information:

  • The KJV used 54 translators in the translation of the Authorized 1611 version;

  • Translated in England between 1605 – 1611;

  • Translated from original manuscripts;

  • The KJV is a word for word translation.

For many Christians, the KJV is considered to have been a direct inspiration by God. For many centuries
the only way people could study the Holy Bible was by listening to it being read out loud.

The KJV Audio Bible - Old and New Testaments - MP3 Format
To download click on links below:
Genesis through Psalms CD1
Proverbs through Revelation CD2